Source Water Protection | Tampa Bay Water

Clean, safe drinking water doesn’t start at the tap — it starts at the source.

Because our region depends on surface and groundwater for most of our water supply, it is important to safeguard those sources from pollution and contamination.

Surface water, which makes up nearly half of our water supply, is present above the ground and includes lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, seas and oceans. Groundwater is below the ground and includes underground aquifers.

Tampa Bay Water is dedicated to protecting the quality of the public’s source water. Doing so ensures the protection of public health, the environment and the public’s investment. It also ensures clean, safe water sources for future generations.

Some of our chief source water protection efforts include:

  • Public Information and Education
    • Funding for the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL)
    • Development of information materials related to source water protection

  • Land Acquisition Programs
    • Provided land for a regional stormwater project in Brandon facilities site property

  • Protective Policies and Regulations
    • Participated in the development of Pasco and Hillsborough County Protection Ordinances
    • Reviewed and provided recommendations on 300 development proposals since 2007 (Rezoning, Mining permits, DRIs)

  • Best Management Practices
    • Helped fund a recent University of Florida low impact development workshop

  • Local Watershed Protection Actions
    • Spend over $2 million per year on environmental monitoring programs