Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions - Tampa Bay Water

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dollar amount thresholds for Tampa Bay Water’s purchases?

Purchases are subject to requirements established by Tampa Bay Water's board of directors. The Purchasing Department may competitively bid any request, regardless of dollar amount, when it best serves the Agency. Click here to review Tampa Bay Water's current purchasing thresholds.

How do I find out about active solicitations?

You may find active formal quotations, sole source requests, sealed invitation to bid and request for proposal solicitations through Onvia DemandStar.

How can I become a registered vendor with Tampa Bay Water?

Suppliers may register using the online form and upload a current, signed W-9 form. You may e-mail your request to register to purchasing@tampabaywater.org.

Does Tampa Bay Water accept electronic bids?

No, at this time Tampa Bay Water does not accept electronic bids.

Where do bidders turn in our original bids/proposals?

All bids and proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, carton or box to Tampa Bay Water's records department at its administrative office (unless otherwise designated in the actual bid solicitation) with a label that is clearly marked with the project name and contract number. Bids and proposals may be delivered to the records department, in person, by carrier or courier or by U.S. Mail “certified” to the attention of:

Tampa Bay Water
2575 Enterprise Road
Clearwater, FL 33763-1102

What types of goods and services does Tampa Bay Water purchase?

Tampa Bay Water utilizes a variety of goods and services for its daily operations. Samples are listed below but are not limited to:

Auditing, Banking, Financial and Accounting Services, Construction Services, Contractor Services, Landscaping Services, Engineering and Architectural Services, Environmental Assessment and Studies, Risk Management, Insurance Services, Land Maintenance, Lawn Mowing, Clearing, Management and Surveying Services, Project Management Services, Repair & Maintenance Services, Security Services, Debris Removal Services, Mitigation Services, Well Drilling, Plugging, Rehabilitation Services and Supplies, Public Relations, Public Outreach and Promotional Services, Information Technology Services, Supplies and Equipment, Repair and Maintenance Services, HVAC Services, Maintenance & Supplies, Janitorial Services & Supplies, Fleet Purchases, Towing, Repairs and Wheeled Specialty Equipment, Laboratory Chemicals Services & Supplies, Safety Services & Supplies, Electrical and Wiring Products, Plumbing, Piping, Water Pumps, Fencing, Roofing Services, Lighting Fixtures and Supplies, Chemical and Gases, Metal Fabrication, Tools, Hardware Building Supplies and Maintenance Equipment, Wireless and Telemetry services, Office Supplies, Furnishings, Inventory and Warehouse Supplies and Office Equipment purchases and many more.

How long does the contract process take?

The contract process length varies depending on the procurement method. Informal purchases such as user purchases (under $5,000) and Small Purchases ($5,001 - $19,999) are generally quick in accordance with approval policy. Formal quotations ($20,000 - $34,999) generally take 30-45 days and formal purchases (in excess of $35,000) can take 60-120 days (sometimes longer if committee review, interviews and board approval are required).

Can bids/proposals be requested or viewed on the same day that they are opened?

No, the bids/proposals will go under evaluation by Tampa Bay Water. Copies of bids and proposals can be requested in accordance with Florida’s Public Records law, Chapter 119, F.S., which allows for access to bids and proposals once Tampa Bay Water posts a Notice of Intent or thirty days after the bid opening, whichever is earlier.

I have a specific question regarding an advertised bid that I would like to bid on. Who do I call?

All solicitations provide a contact representative in purchasing to assist you. Please do not contact the project manager, other Tampa Bay Water staff or board members to answer your specific bid questions. Inappropriate bid contact may cause submitted bids to be disqualified.

How do I find out the bidders names and the dollar amounts that were bid on an invitation for sealed quotes, bid or proposal, or pre-qualified assignments?

Sealed competitive bids and pre-qualified sealed proposals are opened publicly. In those cases, you can either come to the sealed bid or sealed proposal public opening to watch the sealed bids/proposals being opened or you can request from the records department a copy of the bid tabulation for the bid/proposal you are interested in. For other requests for proposals or qualifications, there is a due date and time for the submittals but no public opening. These are available for request through the records department either 30 days after the submittal due date or when a Notice of Intent is published, whichever is earlier.

How do I reach the right purchasing agent to assist me?

You may contact the appropriate purchasing representative during normal business hours. Click here for the purchasing team's contact information.

Who do I send my invoices and address my questions regarding payment?

Mail invoices to the attention of Tampa Bay Water’s Finance Department or email invoices to: accountspayable@tampabaywater.org. Do not submit invoices to purchasing department or staff to avoid delay in the processing of your payment.

What are Tampa Bay Water’s payment terms?

Tampa Bay Water's payment terms are Net 30.

Is Tampa Bay Water tax exempt?

Yes, Tampa Bay Water’s tax exempt # is 85-8012529468C-6. If you need a copy of the certificate you may download it or contact the purchasing or finance departments.

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Email invoices to accountspayable@tampabaywater.org

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Payment terms are Net30.