Residential Water Conservation & Efficiency | Tampa Bay Water

Water Conservation at Home

Much of the water used at home actually goes into the yard. In fact, during certain times of the year in the Tampa Bay region, nearly 50 percent of water use can be attributed to lawn watering.

Increasing water use efficiency is as easy as:

  • Choosing plants and natural landscaping that can flourish in Florida’s climate
  • Making sure the timers on irrigation systems are set properly and match local watering restrictions
  • Watering only when necessary

Selecting drought-tolerant plants that thrive in Central Florida is the way to go. A number of organizations and web sites will show you the right plant to put in the right place. A great place to start is your local office of the University of Florida’s Extension service.

Many residents are opting for yards with minimal grass, using drought-tolerant ground coverings and water-wise plants in their yards. Our Water-Wise awards showcase some of these.