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Contact: Marq Caughell
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CLEARWATER, Fla. (May 5, 2020) — If you have an attractive, water-efficient landscape, now is the time to enter the 2020 Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards. Winners receive a custom garden stone, recognition by local elected officials and neighborhood bragging rights.

Getting your hands on the coveted award stone requires balancing Florida-friendly plants and landscape elements with attractive design and minimal maintenance, as well as using efficient irrigation techniques that reduce water use. To see if your landscape has what it takes to win, visit awards.tampabaywaterwise.org to apply by August 31. Landscapes must be established for, at least, 12 months to be eligible for an award.

“We work with the community through the Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards program to encourage efficient use of our water resources and to protect our drinking water sources from pollution,” said Amelia Brown, demand management program manager for Tampa Bay Water.

Tampa Bay Water, in partnership with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) County Extension Offices and Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program, is looking to recognize residents, local businesses and community organizations who are committed to conserving water resources and protecting the environment by using best practices to create attractive, water-efficient landscapes. All entries are reviewed by representatives of the University of Florida IFAS County Extension, followed by on-site evaluations for landscapes that meet the core criteria. 

Water-wise landscapes benefit residents and the environment because they use less water and require minimal maintenance.

  • Reduced Water Use: Choosing Florida-friendly plants suited to Florida’s natural environment require less water. Native and Florida-friendly plants thrive in the local environment and are typically drought tolerant.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Water-wise landscapes typically have less turf grass and use plants that require less upkeep. Plant the right plants in the right places and, once established, the landscape requires little maintenance.
  • Protecting the Environment: Selecting pest-resistant plants, fertilizing appropriately and reducing stormwater runoff are all elements of water-wise landscapes that also protect the environment and drinking water sources.


The Tampa Bay Community Water Wise Awards program is designed to recognize attractive, water-conserving landscapes in various water-use sectors (e.g., homes, businesses, industry and government). The program seeks to identify actual examples of outstanding Florida-friendly, water-wise landscaping and to promote those principles within the community. To learn more, visit awards.tampabaywaterwise.org.


Tampa Bay Water is the largest wholesale water supplier in Florida, providing high-quality drinking water to its members, who in turn, supply water to more than 2.5 million residents of the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay Water member governments include the cities of New Port Richey, St. Petersburg and Tampa, and the counties of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas. To learn more, visit tampabaywater.org.