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Working Together to Provide Safe, Clean Water
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Providing clean, safe drinking water is a top priority at Tampa Bay Water. The drinking water we provide our member governments is safe: it meets or is better than all local, state and federal drinking water regulations.

In the wake of the water quality crisis facing Flint, Mich., Tampa Bay Water staff recently reviewed with its board of directors the utility’s water quality control processes that assure water quality in our region.  Those processes include a state-of-art, multi-barrier treatment plant that removes particles and other contaminants. Ozone, the most powerful disinfectant used in drinking water, is used as a primary disinfectant, and alkalinity and pH adjustments ensure the water is stable and not corrosive. (Flint’s water quality problems are due to corrosive water.)

Before Tampa Bay Water introduced surface water into its system in 2002, it conducted numerous tests to demonstrate to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that the final blends of water would not be corrosive. House tap monitoring in 2002-2004 also demonstrated there were no corrosion issues.

Our continued water quality success is due to continuous monitoring and close collaboration with our member governments. Our water plant operators continuously monitor water quality and adjust for alkalinity and pH as needed; only water that meets strict quality requirements leaves our plant. Our member governments make adjustments to pH or alkalinity, if needed, to meet the requirements of their customers and distribution system.

Working together, Tampa Bay Water, its members and local regulators give your drinking water the highest level of scrutiny to assure quality from the treatment plant to your tap.