U.S. Water Joins Acciona Agua in Desalination Facility Partnership
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Tampa Bay Water has a new partner at its seawater desalination facility. U.S. Water Services Corporation has taken over for American Water in the joint venture with Acciona Agua. Additionally, all American Water personnel at the desalination facility have been retained by U.S. Water. Both U.S. Water Services and Acciona Agua each have a 50% stake in the partnership. The contract runs through November 2029.

“We’re happy to have U.S. Water join in the desalination facility partnership, and even more so that they retained the current employees. This ensures operations continue with virtually no learning curve,” said Chuck Carden, Tampa Bay Water’s general manager.

U.S. Water was established in 2003 and is a Florida corporation operating in 19 states with a total staff of nearly 700 employees. Within Florida, U.S. Water operates over 1,000 water and wastewater treatment facilities and employs approximately 250 Licensed water and wastewater operators.