Public Service Recognition Week May 3-9, 2020
Thanking our Essential Workers for Public Service Recognition Week
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Delivering a reliable supply of clean, safe water is more than a job; it’s a commitment to serving our community. Every day, drinking water is delivered to homes and businesses across the Tampa Bay area by water professionals who understand the importance of working together for the greater good.

Our region’s utility workers have dedicated their careers to ensuring we receive the clean water needed to support our health, economy and way of life. They fulfill their duties often without recognition for the services they perform.

They are water plant operators, technicians, scientists and engineers. They are environmental professionals, planners, administrative professionals, water quality experts and more. They maintain a water supply infrastructure that serves more than 2.5 million people and they and plan for the future so we have enough drinking water for generations to come — because that’s what good stewards do.

Together, they ensure that no matter what’s going on in the world, access to high-quality drinking water is one less thing to worry about.

During Public Service Recognition Week, join us in thanking our essential water utility employees and all who commit their talents to careers in public service. While shaking hands or sharing a meal will have to wait, we encourage you to find meaningful ways to demonstrate gratitude.

Thank you to all our employees at Tampa Bay Water and water professionals everywhere for the public service you provide. We rely on you to keep the water flowing.