Tampa Bay Water Renews Water Research Foundation Membership
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At the October meeting, Tampa Bay Water’s board of directors approved the agency’s renewal of its annual subscription to the Water Research Foundation at a cost of $216,071. Through this membership, Tampa Bay Water and its six member governments, at no additional charge, can access more than 2,300 completed projects valued at over $700 million in research through the foundation’s online research library. Over the past five years, Tampa Bay Water and member governments have 133 staff with online access to the Foundations’ library of study reports and communication materials.

Tampa Bay Water has been a member of the Water Research Foundation (formerly known as the American Water Works Research Foundation) since 1992. The foundation, which has more than 1,000 members around the world, focuses on applied research important to water and wastewater utilities and leverages the knowledge and expertise of its members to help utilities develop projects to make sound decisions. The foundation currently has about 250 active projects, and Tampa Bay Water is active in 21 of them.