Tampa Bay Water Joins PFAS Settlement
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Tampa Bay Water’s board of directors voted to take part in a class action settlement with Dupont and 3M, both manufacturers of PFAS, a man-made forever chemical that can infiltrate water resources. The combined settlement of more than $11 billion resolves claims by U.S. water providers which found measurable amounts of PFAS in water supplies around the country.

Tampa Bay Water joined a lawsuit against PFAS manufacturers, sellers and distributors to protect its members and their residents from potential financial impacts of removing PFAS from the drinking water sources and supply, and to hold polluters responsible for these costs and not the residents of Tampa Bay.

PFAS are compounds that have been widely used in the manufacturing of clothing, sealants and stains, furniture fabrics, Teflon™-coated products, food packaging, and other materials since the 1940s. They are also used in firefighting foam, carpet manufacturing and other industrial processes. Learn more about PFAS.

Tampa Bay Water and its member utilities are participating in EPA’s nationwide, UCMR 5 study to identify PFAS concentrations, which involves testing treated drinking water. This helps EPA set regulations for PFAS and it helps Tampa Bay Water determine if treatment is needed, where treatment is needed and how much treatment is needed. Tampa Bay Water and five of its members began testing in July 2023. The City of Tampa began testing in January 2023. Funds received from the settlement will be used for PFAS treatment, if needed.