Rebate Program on Target to Meet, Even Surpass 2024 Goal
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The Tampa Bay Water Wise regional rebate program is saving 430,759 gallons of water per day. The premise is simple: you can save money by saving water. The regional water conservation program offers rebates to homeowners, property owners, contractors and builders who take proactive steps to reduce water use. Tampa Bay Water Wise is a partnership among Tampa Bay Water, its six members, and the Southwest Florida Water Management District, who co-funds the program.

The goal for fiscal year 2024 is to save between 150,000 and 380,000 gallons per day. The program has already saved 117,000 gallons this year and is well on its way to surpassing its minimum savings goal by September. Multi-family retrofit projects, such as replacing irrigation system components, showerheads, faucet aerators and toilets, are driving the majority of savings. So far, eight multi-family retrofits projects have been completed this year:

  • One apartment complex in Hillsborough County
  • Two student housing and four apartment complexes in Tampa, and
  • One condominium in St. Petersburg

Two senior living facilities in Hillsborough County are near completion, and many more projects are in the works.

“The water savings from our multi-family projects are not just significant to our program, they are significant to the property owner,” said Amelia Brown, demand management program manager for Tampa Bay Water. “On average, property owners see about a 50% drop in water usage after changing out their toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators; for apartment complexes, the savings is huge.”

Learn more about the program and see the available rebates at Tampa Bay Water Wise.