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Questions and Answers Regarding COVID-19 and the Public Drinking Water Supply
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Is water from my tap safe to drink and use?
Tap water from Tampa Bay Water’s regional system remains safe to drink. The regulations and treatment requirements established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prevent viruses from contaminating drinking water.

Tampa Bay Water uses multi-step treatment processes including proven technology, advanced disinfection and state-certified laboratories and operators to ensure water meets or is better than all local, state and federal drinking water standards.

The World Health Organization has stated that the, “presence of the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies and based on current evidence the risk to water supplies is low.”

What does Tampa Bay Water use to disinfect water?
Tampa Bay Water uses chlorine, monochloramines and ozone as disinfectants in our treatment processes. These methods remove or kill pathogens, including viruses.
Should I stock up on bottled water?
Water from your tap remains safe to drink and use. It is up to consumers if they feel the need to purchase bottled water for other reasons.
Should I boil my water?
Boiling your water is not required as a precaution to COVID-19.
Who should I contact if I’m concerned about my drinking water?
Homeowners who receive their water from a public water utility may contact their provider to learn more about treatments being used. Treatments could include filtration and disinfectants such as chlorine that remove or kill pathogens before they reach the tap.

Residents should contact their local utility when possible. Please use the following information to contact Tampa Bay Water’s member utilities:

Residents in the Tampa Bay area may contact Tampa Bay Water at or 866-INFO-H20 (866-463-6420).

Private Wells
Homeowners with private wells who are concerned about pathogens such as viruses in drinking water may consider approaches that remove bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, including certified home treatment devices.

What else is Tampa Bay Water doing regarding COVID-19?
Tampa Bay Water continues to monitor the information and recommendations regarding COVID-19 and incorporate recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and state and local agencies.

  • Tampa Bay Water has activated the agency’s Water Emergency Incident Command System plan and is working with the state and county command centers to be sure we are doing the best to keep residents and our employees safe and healthy.
  • Tampa Bay Water has canceled all public tours of its water treatment plants for the next 30 days. This may continue as the situation progresses.
  • All non-essential travel for utility employees is canceled for the next 30 days. This may continue as the situation progresses.
  • Tampa Bay Water is encouraging its employees to conduct meetings virtually via video and teleconferencing systems.
  • Tampa Bay Water managers are taking steps, including contingency plans, to ensure our most essential personnel are available to keep up the utility's 24/7 operation.