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Public Input Plays Role in Long-term Planning Process
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Tampa Bay Water meets the region’s water needs in a sustainable, reliable and fiscally responsible manner through its Long-term Master Water Plan. Updated every five years, this plan looks at a 20-year horizon for water supply and demand.

For the last year, staff and consultants have been investigating options for one or more new water supply projects to provide water to the region in the 2033 timeframe. More than 100 project concepts were evaluated using screening criteria to arrive at a shortlist of seven options, which the Tampa Bay Water board will consider for further feasibility studies at its November 2023 meeting.

Public feedback is an important part of the Long-term Master Water Plan process. We have been collecting feedback from economic, environmental and technical ad hoc committees and presenting shortlist options to community groups throughout Tampa Bay, including a virtual telephone town hall Sept. 14. More than 17,000 calls were placed to residents in Tampa Bay Water’s service area for the virtual town hall; an average of approximately 1,500 residents stayed on the call for 10 minutes, and approximately 150 residents stayed on the call for the duration of the meeting. Feedback from all of these meetings will be incorporated into the report presented to Tampa Bay Water’s board of directors.

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