Long-Term Master Water Plan Update 2013: Have a voice in the water choice. It's your water, your future.
Input Improves the Planning Process

Since the mid 1990s, your regional water supply authority has been committed to a dynamic public outreach process to improve its projects and programs. By working cooperatively with our member governments, the business community and residents, we have been able to improve our service to the Tampa Bay community.

Our latest effort to benefit from public input is the Long-Term Master Water Plan update. Updated every five years, this comprehensive document provides a framework for meeting the region’s future drinking water needs.

To garner a wide array of public input, Tampa Bay Water developed an online survey that was promoted through the agency’s social media platforms, website and emails. At the request of citizens, the survey period was extended by a month.

Participation nearly tripled over that of five years ago, with a significant cost reduction to the agency. Survey results to-date show that respondents think environment sustainability is the most important goal when building new supplies and that the agency should study the environmental impacts of the seven projects.

Tampa Bay Water has also received input when presenting the plan update to local chambers of commerce, Sierra Clubs, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and other interested groups.

The input received from these various audiences is invaluable in helping us understand the community’s priorities and ensuring our efforts are in alignment. Input received will be summarized in the final updated document (scheduled to go before the board of directors in December) and will be addressed during feasibility studies of any project selected for further investigation.