Cooperative Education Programs and Internships


We offer programs in six professional fields. Many of our cooperative programs and internships run for several months and may be filled. Please check the descriptions below to see available opportunities.



Public Communications


Water Conservation

Laboratory Technician

Geospatial Data Analytics

IT Application Development

The benefits include:

  • A paid opportunity at a great wage
  • Flexibility with student schedules
  • Work that offers direct experience in your area of study
  • Working with a diverse group of professionals including scientists, engineers, planners and government officials

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The engineering co-op will work directly with the Engineer III, along with other members of the Planning and Projects Department. Unlike many companies, our co-ops do not make coffee, file and answer phones all day. Co-ops are given the opportunity to perform a wide variety of engineering tasks including:

  • Conducting research about new technologies
  • Determining specific permit requirements for agency projects, and assisting in the compliance of those requirements
  • Participating in project site visits to review and update record drawings, take on-site photographs and record necessary field data
  • Reviewing project costs for previous Tampa Bay Water projects to estimate the cost of future projects
  • Compiling data and calculating return on investment for alternative energy projects
  • Reviewing the Storm Water Management System regulations, and assisting with inspections and reporting

“I enjoy the diverse and challenging assignments. I’m always learning something new and there is never a dull moment at work.” Lucky attended the University of South Florida majoring in chemical engineering. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).


Planning and Engineering Co-op

University of South Florida


Finance interns assist in processing, controlling, forecasting and budgeting all of the agency’s finances. As a finance intern, you will perform a wide variety of finance responsibilities including:

  • Financial accounting analysis
  • Accounts payables and receivables
  • Journal entries
  • Fixed asset reconciliation and recording
  • Reviewing construction contracts and making necessary entries
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Budget support

Public Communications

As a public communications intern at Tampa Bay Water, you will support the communications liaison for a government agency that serves over 2.5 million Tampa Bay residents. The experience will prove critical to launching a successful career in the ever-evolving, challenging world of public communications.

Public communications interns will:

  • Work alongside accredited communications professionals
  • Draft news releases, media alerts, web site copy and other agency publications
  • Assist in annual report production
  • Coordinate and attend agency events
  • Manage employee newsletter content and distribution
  • Explore new ways to maintain direct communication between the community and Tampa Bay Water

"Working as a public communications intern at Tampa Bay Water for the past year has been a very enlightening experience. Working in the public communications department has allowed me to transition what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to a professional setting. While working at this agency I have been able to gain real world experience working with the public. I was fortunate to work on the annual report as well as gain further experience in social media and writing. This internship has given me many valuable skills that I will take with me as I transition from an undergraduate into the professional world."


Public Communications Intern

Advertising and Public Relations

University of Tampa


Purchasing interns assist in department issues, processes and administers the appropriate solicitations to ensure the availability of all materials and services to support the staff in providing timely treatment and delivery of drinking water.. As a purchasing intern, you will perform a wide variety of procurement responsibilities including:

  • Updating a vendor database
  • Scanning incoming bids and proposals
  • Assisting at bid openings
  • Preparing bid opening and pre-bid documents
  • Purchase order distribution
  • Closing purchase orders using the agency’s financial management software
  • Updating purchasing forms
  • Conforming contracts
  • Updating contract summary lists for buyers
  • Helping plan a vendor event
  • Creating quotes in DemandStar

Water Conservation

Tampa Bay Water works to develop conservation methods to help meet ever-increasing water needs.

As a water conservation co-op, you will:

  • Support the research, development and implementation of water conservation programs in the tri-county region
  • Manage correspondence with member governments
  • Participate in public speaking engagements related to water conservation programs
  • Work with and learn from leading professional engineering technicians and ecologists

“I came to Tampa Bay Water to learn about water conservation efforts in West-Central Florida. The hands on experiences have given me valuable knowledge and helpful skills to build my career. I’ve learned to write professional scientific papers, utilize different software programs, and gained professional presentation experience."


Water Conservation Co-op

Environmental Science and Policy

University of South Florida

Laboratory Technician

Lab Technicians apply their passion for science to aid Tampa Bay Water in accomplishing its goals.

As a laboratory technician co-op, you will:

  • Work at our Land O’ Lakes certified laboratory
  • Perform and document hundreds of wet chemistry analyses per month
  • Learn essential work practices that will be critical to your career in the complex world of science

“I chose to work at Tampa Bay Water because of the impact this agency has had and will continue to have on the region. Tampa Bay Water plays a critical role and because of this, I felt it would give me a wide base of contacts and would further advance my education."


Laboratory Technician Intern

Chemical Engineering

University of South Florida

Geospatial Data Analytics

Co-ops are given the opportunity to perform a wide variety geospatial data analysis that could be used as a graduate thesis project and decision support tool for real-world problems in water resources planning and management. Examples are:

  • Data visualization of in-house datasets, including historical data and model simulation results
  • Exploration of various geospatial data analytic techniques
  • Geospatial analysis to uncover relationship with human-environment interactions
  • Decision tool development based on geospatial data analysis

IT Application Development Co-op

As an IT Applications Co-op at Tampa Bay Water will have the opportunity to work with a diverse group who are helping the agency provide clean, safe drinking water in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

The IT Applications Co-op will work with the Application Development team. Unlike some companies, our co-ops do not file documents and answer phones all day. Co-ops are given the opportunity to perform a wide variety of tasks including:

  • Basic web site development
  • Data mapping and report generation
  • Requirements gathering and documentation