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Tampa Bay Water Secures Funds for Water Loss Pilot Project

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, utilities lose an average of 16 percent of water flowing through their systems each year, which has both resource and economic consequences. Water losses, real and apparent (lost to things like meter calibration or billing issues) can drive up the cost of treated drinking water and waste valuable resources in a state with a growing population. A water loss control program can help water utilities meet this challenge and potentially save ratepayers money. Although it requires an investment in time and financial resources, water loss management can be cost‐effective if properly implemented.

The staff of Tampa Bay Water and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program have developed a project for a pilot training program to guide and advance the adoption of water loss control best-practices in the state of Florida.

Tampa Bay Water recently received a $250,000 grant from the FDEP to lead a training program in water loss control. After working persistently for more than year to gain approval for the project, Tampa Bay Water is now the first utility to receive this type of grant and will serve as a guide for other utilities across the state in minimizing water loss.

Tampa Bay Water will offer software training and strategies for reducing water loss and saving money based on the American Water Works Association M36 Manual, a national standard, to ensure best practices.

“The overall goal is to increase efficiency of water delivery to customers,” said Dave Bracciano, demand management coordinator for Tampa Bay Water.

Tampa Bay Water has established a selection committee made up of representatives of its member governments (Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, City of New Port Richey, City of St. Petersburg and the City of Tampa) to choose water-loss specialists to begin the training. The recommendations will be provided to Tampa Bay Water’s board of directors at their August meeting. In partnership with our member governments, Tampa Bay Water is looking forward to launching this innovative effort to pinpoint and troubleshoot water loss issues.


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