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Water Wise Rebates Help Residents and Businesses Save Money

Current projections show the Tampa Bay region will need an additional 10 million gallons of water per day by 2028. Tampa Bay Water is attacking that need on two fronts: increased water supply and decreased water use.

To help decrease water usage, Tampa Bay Water has partnered with its member governments and the Southwest Florida Water Management District to create Tampa Bay Water Wise, a program to help homeowners and businesses save money by saving water. The goal is to save up to 11 million gallons of water per day by 2030.

The rebate program offers 11 different rebates to residential and non-residential customers for purchasing and implementing water saving devices. They include plumbing fixtures, irrigation devices and food service equipment, to name a few.

This year, Tampa Bay Water was all set to begin marketing efforts for the program when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so the agency made the conscious decision to delay marketing efforts. Marketing officially began in April 2020 and includes signage in Lowe’s and Home Depot alerting customers of the rebates.  Water Wise is also co-hosting webinars with the Florida Irrigation Society and the University of Florida.

As of June 9, Tampa Bay Water Wise has received 53 rebate applications. Of those, 39 came from Hillsborough County, 10 were from St. Petersburg, and four came from Pinellas County. So far, 28 rebate applications have been approved, resulting in an estimated savings of 840 gallons of water per day!

Saving water is as easy as replacing an old toilet with a new, low-flush version, which can save up to five gallons of water a day. If you live in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas counties or the cities of New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, visit to learn more and enter your address in the search bar to find out if you are eligible for rebates.

And if you have a green thumb and want to enter your Pasco, Pinellas or Hillsborough county landscape into the Tampa Bay Water Wise Awards, you have until August 30, 2020, to enter. Visit to learn more.