Illustration of man watering a lawn
Utility Prepares for Dry Season, Encourages Water Conservation

This year’s dry season is expected to be warmer and drier than normal, leading to climbing outdoor water demand. Comparing rainy-day water use to water use on warm, dry days shows that up to 50 percent of all water used during the dry season is used outdoors. This drives up overall demand.

From October 2021 through the end of February 2022, Tampa Bay Water has delivered about 6 percent more water to its member governments over the same period last year. At the end of February, the running 12-month average for the wellfields in the Consolidated Water Use Permit was 84.1 mgd, which is currently under the 90 mgd annual average limit, while the 12-month running average for the South-Central Regional Wellfield permit was 25.44, above its current permit limit of 24.1 mgd. Currently, the utility is requesting a modification from the Southwest Florida Water Management District to increase the permitted amount for this wellfield until new projects are brought online.

Tampa Bay Water is prepared for the dry season, ramping up surface water treatment and desalinated seawater production, along with the C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir at 88 percent capacity. However, we encourage residents throughout the Tampa Bay area to curb outdoor water use as much as possible until summer rains begin. Check out our outdoor water saving tips.