Tampa Bay Water Seeks District Co-funding for South Hillsborough Projects, Conservation Program

Since 1998, Tampa Bay Water has successfully secured more than $316 million in funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District for its Master Water Plan and Capital Improvements Program projects. Because the District requires yearly reapplication to receive funding on a Fiscal Year basis, Tampa Bay Water is re-applying for District co-funding for Fiscal Year 2023 for three projects that the District has previously funded:

Brandon Booster Station

Short-term solution for Hillsborough County that will boost pressure to increase flows by 5-7 million gallons per day (mgd) to the County’s Lithia Water Treatment Plant. Total project cost: nearly $15.2 million; District co-funding total: $3.8 million. For Fiscal Year 2023, Tampa Bay Water is requesting $2.7 million.

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Southern Hillsborough Pipeline

Long-term solution that will increase water supply capacity to Southern Hillsborough County by 65 mgd. Designed and built in two segments under two separate projects with concurrent schedules. Segment B is funded by Hillsborough County. Construction will begin in 2026 and be operational in 2028. Total cost for both segments: approximately $300 million. Tampa Bay Water will be requesting $2.9 million in co-funding for Fiscal Year 2023.

Tampa Bay Water Wise

The region’s water conservation rebate program, aims to save 11 million gallons of water per day by 2030 by encouraging residents and businesses to install water-efficient fixtures. The total program costs for Fiscal Year 2023 are $1.6 million. Tampa Bay Water is requesting $726,892, or half of the eligible costs, in co-funding from the District.