Tampa Bay Water Reviews 2021 Accomplishments and Looks Forward to 2022

At Tampa Bay Water’s January 2022 board meeting, General Manager Chuck Carden reviewed the utility’s 2021 accomplishments and gave a sneak peek at what 2022 holds.

The most notable accomplishments for 2021 include delivering high-quality water without interruption to our member governments, celebrating the environmental recovery in northern Tampa Bay, and coordinating with Hillsborough County on short-term supply solutions to bring more water to its residents.

The utility has a stacked agenda for 2022, including

  • implementing a new water supply infrastructure planning tool to help forecast when new facilities should be online
  • completing feasibility studies for three new water projects to be presented to the board for selection in late 2022
  • selecting a pipeline route for the new South Hillsborough Pipeline and
  • installing temporary booster pumps in Hillsborough County to deliver an additional 5 million gallons of water per day by summer 2022.

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