Tampa Bay Water Asks: Do You Know Your H2O?
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Tampa Bay Water recently launched a regional water quality campaign to build confidence in the high-quality water residents receive from Tampa Bay Water and its members. A 2015 public opinion survey revealed that about 40 percent of respondents don’t drink their tap water and about 49 percent think bottled water is safer than water from their tap.

To combat these perceptions and build confidence in the region’s tap water, Tampa Bay Water designed the “Do You Know Your H2O?” campaign. The campaign encourages residents to learn about their water’s journey and take a quiz that is designed to educate and inform. The campaign includes a microsite, tampabayh20.com, that features:

  • A video that highlights drinking water’s journey, from source through testing, monitoring and corrosion control, to the customer’s tap
  • An interactive journey graphic that provides more detail on drinking water’s journey from source to tap
  • A quiz where users can test their knowledge of drinking water.

To drive traffic to the microsite, Tampa Bay Water is running a digital campaign that includes a variety of social media advertising. And, the campaign is available for the member governments to tailor and use.