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State Legislators Sponsor Funding Requests
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Providing reliable clean, safe water to the region is no small task, and as a non-profit, special district of the State of Florida, Tampa Bay Water relies on state and federal funding to augment its many projects.

Many thanks to Rep. Lawrence McClure and Sens. Ed Hooper and Jay Collins, who sponsored the agency’s appropriations requests for the 2023 Florida legislative session. Rep. McClure sponsored funding requests for both the Morris Bridge Wellfield Improvements Project and the Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project. Sen. Hooper sponsored the Morris Bridge funding request, and Sen. Collins sponsored the Surface Water Treatment Plant funding request.

In sponsoring these projects, Rep. McClure and Sens. Hooper and Collins are championing the infrastructure needed to ensure the Tampa Bay region continues to have access to a safe, high quality drinking water supply for generations to come. We sincerely thank them for their leadership.

If passed, funding for the Morris Bridge Wellfield Improvements Project will maintain Morris Bridge Wellfield’s existing level of service and increase reliability through the replacement of aging pumps, motors, electrical components, and instrumentation. Additionally, Tampa Bay Water expects to achieve operation and maintenance cost reductions through the implementation of efficient pumps and motors.

If passed, funding for the Tampa Bay Water Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant Project will be used to retain an engineering firm to develop a basis of design report for the facility’s expansion. The overall objective of the project is to increase Tampa Bay Water's annual average yield of existing surface water supply by 10-12.5 million gallons per day.