Reduced water usage requested during construction
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Citizens are asked to curb all unnecessary indoor and outdoor water use during construction

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 18, and continuing through Friday, Feb. 28, the Pinellas County drinking water supply will be limited, due to a scheduled construction project by the Pinellas County Department of Environment and Infrastructure and Tampa Bay Water, the regional water wholesaler serving Pinellas County.

Citizens are asked to curb all unnecessary indoor and outdoor water use during these 10 days. Tampa Bay Water along with the city of St. Petersburg will provide Pinellas County with sufficient water supply to meet the average daily water demands.

Citizens are asked to refrain from outdoor water use activities such as lawn irrigation, pressure washing, car washing, installing new sod/landscaping, operating fountains and filling pools. Citizens are also encouraged to reduce indoor water usage by practicing common water conservation methods such as reducing shower time, avoiding running water while washing dishes and brushing teeth or shaving.

Once completed, the benefits of this project include reducing long-term operation and maintenance costs of the system by replacing aging infrastructure in addition to improving water quality management and providing a more reliable, blended supply of drinking water to Pinellas County customers.

Citizens are also reminded that Pinellas County is currently under a Phase II Water Shortage Order limiting lawn irrigation to one day per week on an assigned day based on house address for potable, well, lake, and pond water irrigation sources.

For more information on other water restrictions and to find their assigned watering day, citizens can visit pinellascounty.org/utilities/water-restrict.htm, or contact customer service at (727) 464-4000. Citizens who receive water from a municipality are asked to check the schedule with their water supplier.

For more information on Pinellas County services and programs, visit pinellascounty.org. Pinellas County government is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.