Pumps at surface water treatment plant
Optimizing the Surface Water System
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Sometimes a small adjustment can yield big results, like selecting the proper grade of gasoline for your automobile or fertilizing your crop at the right time. That’s the thought behind Tampa Bay Water’s surface water optimization effort.

Our surface water system currently provides one-third of the region’s water supply. The system operates effectively, but Tampa Bay Water is investigating whether, with a few modifications, it could yield up to 12 million gallons of additional supply during wet years under our current permits.

Tampa Bay Water is studying the costs, benefits and effectiveness of adding new pumps, additional storage or additional transmission mains to the system. The study is expected to be completed this summer, and could push off in time need for new supplies.

Surface Water by the Numbers: 15 billion gallon reservoir, 120 mgd surface water treatment plant, 40 miles of large diameter pipe, 6 pump stations