New Water Projects Move Forward

Tampa Bay Water’s top three Long-term Master Water Plan projects are moving forward. The following projects are being investigated to provide the region with additional drinking water in the 2028 timeframe:

  • Tampa Bay Surface Water Treatment Plant Expansion
  • Tampa Bay Seawater Desalination Plant Expansion
  • New Groundwater via Net Benefit from the South Hillsborough Aquifer Recharge Program (SHARP)

The New Groundwater via SHARP project was investigated for early completion for fast-growing south-central Hillsborough County, but has returned to a 2028 option as a result of revised demand forecasts in south-central Hillsborough. New Groundwater via SHARP feasibility studies will proceed later this year.

Tampa Bay Water staff is procuring consultant services for both plant expansion options and will make recommendations to Tampa Bay Water’s board at its August meeting to begin contract negotiations.  Contract approvals are scheduled for October board consideration.

Short-term Solutions for South-Central Hillsborough

Tampa Bay Water supply and demand forecasts indicate that there is enough water to meet the region’s needs for the next nine years, but physical constraints limit our delivery ability to south-central Hillsborough County.  We’ve evaluated several short-term solutions to remedy this problem and have board approval to proceed with:

  • Hillsborough County evaluating the ability to receive more water at its Central Water Treatment Plant
  • Building a booster station to supply additional capacity to the Lithia Water Treatment Plant

New Groundwater via SHARP and a new pipeline and point of connection in south-central Hillsborough area still being evaluated as potential longer-term solutions. Staff will continue working closely with Hillsborough County staff to ensure adequate water supply for all county residents.