Performance Dashboard
New Performance Measures Align with Agency’s Updated Strategic Plan
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Tampa Bay Water staff updated the agency performance dashboard to include metrics aligned with the agency’s updated 2022-2027 Strategic Plan and most recent benchmarks from the 2022 American Water Works Association (AWWA) utility benchmarking study.

Presented at the April 2023 board meeting, the new dashboard

  • Provides source water distribution for the fiscal year to date,
  • Shows year-to-date actual vs. permitted annual averages for both the Consolidated and South-Central Hillsborough wellfields,
  • Displays the current water shortage mitigation stage status,
  • Offers more financial details on the Capital Improvements Program to provide a better picture of the agency’s financial health,
  • Dives deeper into year-to-date stakeholder outreach activities, detailing outreach frequency by audience and offering a breakdown of digital outreach,
  • Details the Tampa Bay Water Wise rebate program savings by category to date since the program’s inception, and
  • Outlines employee training by category taken during the fiscal year and shows employee experience distribution rather than retirement eligibility.

Additionally, Tampa Bay Water is now measuring itself against the highest benchmark from AWWA’s most recent study for planned maintenance downtime and employee turnover.