Funds Approved for Glazer Children’s Museum Water Exhibit
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The water exhibit at the Glazer Children’s Museum is getting an upgrade, thanks to a $150,000 grant from Tampa Bay Water.  New editions to the exhibit include an augmented reality Ocean Sandbox with story boxes that highlight different ways water can be used and protected. Support of the exhibit is part of the agency’s outreach and education program. Upgrades will enhance educational opportunities through:

  • Artwork, graphics and/or signage with fun water facts and notes for children and their families around the Ocean Sandbox.
  • A hands-on desalination experience that is geared toward helping kids engage with the concepts of water, water processing and Tampa Bay’s unique water story.
  • Graphic enhancement of area and columns surrounding the museum’s Water’s Journey Climber Exhibit.
  • A three-part video series on desalination that will be used in the museum’s SMALLab, on social media and in education settings to provide context for the unique water supply system in Tampa Bay. This will include a virtual tour of the Tampa Bay Seawater Desalination Plant.

The partnership between Tampa Bay Water and Glazer Children’s Museum fosters the ability of people of all ages to grasp and act on playing their own part in ensuring clean, safe and abundant drinking water for the Tampa Bay region for generations to come.