Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Approved
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At its June meeting, Tampa Bay Water’s board of directors approved the agency’s fiscal year 2020 budget with no uniform rate increase. The 2020 budget maintains a wholesale drinking water rate of $2.56 per 1,000 gallons for the ninth consecutive year.

Tampa Bay Water is projecting next year’s demand to be 180.8 million gallons per day (mgd) annual average, about a 2 mgd increase over 2018. To meet this projected delivery, Tampa Bay Water is planning on the following source allocation:

  • 82.8 mgd of groundwater from the Consolidated Wellfields
  • 27.0 mgd of groundwater from other wellfields
  • 62.0 mgd of surface water
  • 9 mgd of desalinated seawater

The agency’s total budget is approximately $184 million, which is funded through the sale of water to our member governments. The fiscal year 2020 budget includes approximately $19.7 million to fund capital improvement projects that are on-going or will start in fiscal year 2020. Capital Improvement Program funding is forecasted through fiscal year 2029.