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Conservation Still Important Even in Rainy Season
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With the summer rainy season approaching, you might think you could relax your conservation efforts, but once-weekly watering restrictions are in effect until at least July 1, and conserving water is still critical.

“Outdoor watering accounts for up to 50% of water used at home. During the summer months when we typically receive more rain, there’s less need to water your lawn – you can let nature do it for you,” said Warren Hogg, chief science officer at Tampa Bay Water.

Rainy summers are also when Tampa Bay Water fills the regional reservoir with water from the Hillsborough and Alafia rivers, and the Tampa Bypass Canal. The more water that’s conserved, the more that can be put away in the region’s water savings account for next year’s dry season, which is anticipated to be hot and dry.

You can lessen the need for water in your landscape by using Florida-friendly plants or recycling rain. Learn more about how to conserve water outdoors.