Tampa Bay Water Wise
Conservation Rebate Program Sees Water Savings Increase

Tampa Bay Water Wise is a regional water conservation program aimed at saving 11 million gallons of drinking water by 2030. It is a joint program of Tampa Bay Water, its member governments and the Southwest Florida Water Management District offering 12 different rebate programs on water-saving devices.

Since it launched in March 2020, the program has been steadily growing and new rebate offerings have been added to help homeowners and businesses save water while saving money. These include:

  • a customizable rebate for commercial and multi-family property owners (up to $40,000)
  • a free smart irrigation controller and installation to qualified residents, and
  • a $40 toilet rebate so virtually any homeowner can participate in the program by purchasing and installing an EPA WaterSense certified toilet.

So far, the program has issued 1,841 rebates:

  • 909 homeowner toilets
  • 915 multi-family toilets
  • 9 irrigation controllers
  • 5 commercial toilets
  • 1 shallow well and
  • 2 customizable rebates

One of the customizable rebates was for 120 toilets, 174 aerators and 36 showerheads. The second customizable rebate was for the installation of two flow management devices. In total, these rebates represent an estimated 60,603 gallons of water per day saved between March 2020 and March 2022.

The City of Tampa is leading the way in water savings to date, as two large, multi-family toilet retrofit projects have occurred in Tampa during this time.

Gallons Per Day Saved: 60,603 Total

To learn more about Tampa Bay Water Wise and its available rebates, visit tampabaywaterwise.org.