Celebrating 20 Years of Water Solutions
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In June 1998, six local governments cemented a regional solution that was two years in the making: Tampa Bay Water. The move was remarkable – an accomplishment that is as impressive today as it was 20 years ago. It represented a paradigm shift from parochialism to regionalism that ended the region’s “water wars” and created a true regional utility. To view video highlights, click here.

With support from the Florida legislature, the local governments we serve were able to eliminate the cost differences that divided them and develop alternative water supplies, like surface water and desalinated seawater, so groundwater pumping could be reduced.

Today, two decades after its creation, Tampa Bay Water:

  • Successfully operates a diverse, reliable and resilient water supply network that it built and continues to grow for a water-secure future.
  • Manages a balanced water supply portfolio that has enabled environmental recovery and is environmentally sustainable.
  • Provides affordable, high-quality drinking water that meets or beats all state, federal and local drinking water standards.
  • Maintains an inclusive, cooperative process with our members and the community for future supply development to sustain our vital economy and environment.

Tampa Bay Water remains a model of regional cooperation because it works. Together with our member governments, we remain committed to meeting the challenges of the next 20 years – ensuring supply keeps pace with demand, managing the effects of climate variation on our water supply, protecting our source water from degradation, and keeping high-quality water affordable for everyone. Thank you for your continued support as we serve the region.