Water pumps
2022 Supply and Demand Snapshot; 2023 Forecast

Tampa Bay Water delivered more water to member governments this year than last year, but less than it had anticipated. The agency budgeted 192.2 million gallons of water per day (mgd) for the region, but the final average delivery was 188.3 mgd for Fiscal Year 2022, which ended Sept. 30, 2022. Tampa Bay Water delivered 3.56 mgd more water in 2022 than 2021.

Production from the Consolidated Permit Wellfields averaged 77.29 mgd, well under the 90 mgd permitted limit. Production from the South-Central Hillsborough Regional Wellfield averaged 26.03 mgd, above the annual average permitted limit of 24.95 mgd, but since mid-August 2022, the average daily pumping rate has dropped to approximately 21.1 mgd. This is because of the additional 5.5 mgd the agency is delivering to south Hillsborough County through improvements in the system and bringing the Brandon Booster Station temporary pumps online.

Abundant rainfall in September and during Hurricane Ian means Tampa Bay Water is beginning its 2023 fiscal year with favorable hydrologic and supply conditions and a full reservoir. That’s great news considering the region is continuing to grow.

For Fiscal Year 2023, Tampa Bay Water anticipates regional demand of 197.5 mgd. Growth in the member governments’ service areas, particularly South-Central Hillsborough and Pasco counties, is contributing to a 5.3 mgd increase in budgeted demand.

The region is expected to have warmer and drier conditions for winter and spring.