Water Quality Report 2021 Tampa Bay Water
2021 Water Quality Report Available; Regional Study Nearing Completion
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Tampa Bay Water just released its 2021 Water Quality Report, or consumer confidence report, which shows that the water we provided our member governments in 2021 met or was better than federal and state drinking water requirements.

Last year, we collected nearly 5,000 samples and conducted nearly 45,000 water quality tests in our state-certified laboratory to ensure we meet more than 100 local, state and federal drinking water parameters and 17 additional, stringent parameters established by our member governments.

Additionally, the 2020-2021 Regional Water Quality Study is nearing completion, and the findings, conclusions and recommendations from this study will be presented to the board beginning in June 2022. Member governments participated in the study, which focused on enhancing water quality by reducing total organic carbon and addressing other water quality parameters across Tampa Bay Water’s interconnected system.