Strategic Plan 2014
2014 Strategic Plan Update for Tampa Bay Water
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Having a strategic plan is vital to the success of any organization, and Tampa Bay Water is no exception. Recently, the Tampa Bay Water Strategic Plan in place since 2011 was updated to better guide staff in fulfilling the agency’s mission of providing a clean, safe, reliable water supply to its six member governments and their customers. The revised plan also now aligns with the agency re-organization and includes the asset management program efforts.

A strategic plan is a roadmap for an organization. As Tampa Bay Water matures and moves from an agency focused on building new supplies to an agency focused on maintaining and operating the new, integrated supply system, a new roadmap is needed. The updated strategic plan reflects the current direction of the agency.

The goals of the strategic plan are lofty – but achievable. They include:

  1. Maintain water supply and delivery system reliability and sustainability.
  2. Increase efficiency of all agency operations.
  3. Maintain financial stability and sustainability.
  4. Maintain open, collaborative relationships with member governments and other stakeholders.
  5. Uphold a health and safety culture.

The first four goals remain constant from the previous strategic plan. However, the fifth goal, focusing on health, safety and security, is new for the agency.

Each goal has an objective and a list of strategies that outlines how the agency will achieve these goals.

The first decade of Tampa Bay Water focused on building and creating a new, integrated water supply system. Today, our focus has changed, and with that change comes the need for a new strategic plan. A plan that focuses on the future of water in this region.