Watering Restrictions for the Tampa Bay region | Tampa Bay Water

Watering restrictions are in effect year-round in the Tampa Bay region.

In the Tampa Bay region lawn watering is limited to no more than twice-per-week. The water restrictions are set by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and are designed to conserve water during the region's driest months of the year. Check your local government's restrictions as some cities have local ordinances different from the water management district.

Tampa Bay area water use usually spikes in April, May and early June. Those spikes are directly attributed to lawn watering. In fact, up to 50 percent of all water used during these times is used for outdoor watering.

You can help save water and avoid fines by following local restrictions and watering only on your days. Determining your watering day is easy: simply enter your zip code below and you will be directed to the rules for your area.

To make sure you’re watering correctly, type your zip code here:

Landscape Ordinances

We are providing summaries of local landscape and irrigation requirements as a courtesy to landscape and irrigation contractors and residents. For more details, click here for Tampa Bay Water’s Evaluation of Multiple Irrigation and Landscape Ordinances in the Tampa Bay region. Some of the information in this document may have changed since it was created. Please check with your local water utility if you have any questions.

Please verify permitting costs and other information with your local municipality before beginning any work and make sure you’re in compliance with your area’s watering restrictions.

To check water restriction regulations, search on your municipality’s web site: