Tampa Bay Regional Water Shortage Stages | Tampa Bay Water

Current Stage:
Normal Conditions

As part of its Water Shortage Mitigation Plan, Tampa Bay Water monitors climatic and water supply conditions. The plan defines four stages of water shortage for determining drought conditions as hydrologic and water supply conditions change.

The result of our work enables our six member governments and the Southwest Florida Water Management District to make decisions on how to use existing water supply and what actions to take during specified periods of time.

The hydrologic triggers are based on the following three measurements:

  • Rainfall
  • Stream-flow
  • Reservoir Storage Levels

The stages cover Tampa Bay Water’s service area: Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties, and the cities of New Port Richey, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Normal Conditions
Water supplies are adequate and rainfall has been normal.

Stage I: Drought Alert (Moderate)
Mild indication that shortage conditions may be impending.

Stage II: Drought Warning (Severe)
Drier-than-normal conditions are present and will create a surface water shortage if dry conditions persist.

Stage III: Regional Supply Shortage (Extreme)
A surface water shortage is underway brought on by persistent low-flow conditions that will lead to surface water supply exhaustion if low-flow conditions persist.

Stage IV: Water Supply Crisis (Critical)
Surface water supply is exhausted.