Tampa Bay Water Logos

Steps to Obtain Permission

Step 1: Carefully review Tampa Bay Water's logo usage guidelines below.

Unacceptable uses of the logo include:

  • Never use another typeface in place of the logo type
  • Never alter the size of the symbol or logotype or their relationship to each other
  • Never add other words to the logo
  • Never place the logo on a decorative, textured or distracting pattern
  • Never place the logo in a containing shape
  • Never abbreviate the name or use initials
  • Never use the symbol by itself
  • Never use colors other than the agency colors (PMS 3005)

The logo can be enlarged or reduced but the proportion should not be altered in any way. 

There must be white space equal to the size of the symbol around the logo.

The logo must be 1-inch wide or greater to use the tagline. If the logo is less than 1-inch wide, the logo with no tagline is used.

When the two-color, black type / blue symbol logo cannot be used, there are the following alternatives:

  • All white logo on black background
  • All white logo on blue background
  • All black logo on white background

Step 2: Submit a request by filling out the form on the right. Please allow a minimum of five business days to receive a response. If your request is authorized, Tampa Bay Water will provide you with the appropriate logo file. Upon receiving the logo, you agree to abide by Tampa Bay Water's Corporate Identity Logo Usage Guidelines above. You also agree to submit a proof of the materials to Tampa Bay Water for approval.

Step 3: A final proof of materials (i.e., how the logo is to be used) must be submitted to Tampa Bay Water's Communications Department for final review. Proofs may be sent by e-mail to Brandon Moore at: bmoore@tampabaywater.org