Letter From the General Manager

Matt Jordan
General Manager

I am pleased to present a review of Tampa Bay Water’s work in 2016.

Tampa Bay Water is often cited as a model for water supply through regional cooperation. We could not do it without your support. It is in this spirit I wish to maintain open, collaborative relationships with our regulators, law-makers and other stakeholders so we may continue our work in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner possible.

We remain focused on our mission to reliably provide safe, clean drinking water to more than 2.4 million people and businesses in the Tampa Bay region.

We are planning for the future by updating our Long-term Master Water Plan. Tampa Bay Water has developed enough supply to meet the needs of the region for the next decade, but we plan for the future to ensure we have a reliable water supply for generations to come. We are evaluating three potential new water supply sources using various treatment methods including:

  • Injecting purified reclaimed water into the ground and withdrawing it from another location; or treating it at our surface water or seawater desalination plants
  • Using additional surface water from the Alafia River treated at our surface water treatment plant
  • Using more seawater by expanding our existing seawater desalination plant or building another seawater desalination plant on the Gulf coast

The result of the Plan will include at least one new water supply project with costs ranging from $300 million to $600 million.

This year, we continued implementing our asset management program to maintain our $1-billion water supply infrastructure. And we made great strides in creating an environmental management system to promote compliance with international standards and provide a roadmap for continual improvement throughout this agency.

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of 2016 and I invite you to learn even more about us at tampabaywater.org.


Matt Jordan, General Manager

Tampa Bay Water 2016 Year in Review