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Joining Forces for Cleaner Sources

The journey of high-quality drinking water starts at the source. That is why we work hard to keep our water sources clean and protected from pollution and contamination. The cleaner the water source, the less energy and fewer chemicals are needed to treat them. Our region’s drinking water sources are groundwater, river water, and seawater. By protecting these sources, we start the journey of providing clean, safe drinking water to the Tampa Bay region.

You can play a vital role in protecting our water sources by following a few simple tips such as creating a Florida-friendly landscape, picking up pet waste, and safely disposing of medications and household chemicals. Remember - everything that is left on the ground can eventually make its way into water sources, so think twice before you leave something behind.

Source water protection starts with you! Let’s join forces for cleaner sources.

If you or someone you know has a project in mind to help protect drinking water sources, find out if you qualify for a source water protection mini-grant. Visit



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