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Testing Renovated Reservoir

The recently renovated 15.5-billion-gallon regional reservoir has been operating since July 2014. That’s when a multi-step renovation of the reservoir interior was completed. That renovation included adding a drainage system to alleviate the build-up of water pressure and adding thicker, stronger soil cement to the facility.

To ensure the renovation is effective, Tampa Bay Water required the contractor to monitor and maintain the reservoir until it is filled and drained twice or for five years. This monitoring and maintenance period is designed specifically to exercise the new erosion protection and drainage systems.

Since April 6, 2016, Tampa Bay Water has been withdrawing up to 60 million gallons per day from the reservoir in order to exercise the drainage systems and ensure it is functioning properly. Reservoir withdrawals will continue until storage reaches 10.32 billion gallons or 120 feet elevation. Tampa Bay Water will refill the reservoir shortly after inspections are complete and expects to fill the reservoir by October 1, 2016, in time for the next dry season.

The C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir is a key component of Tampa Bay Water’s surface water system. Water is stored in the reservoir during wet times and withdrawn from the facility during dry times.